Welcome to the Show!

Life happens on a stage

  • Why there is this one momory easier to remember than any other memory?
  • Why is it so difficult to remember a lot of different names in a short period of time ?
  • Why does the one character appear to be more sympathic than the other one?
  • Why is it so difficult to stay spontaneous and relaxed in stressful moments ?
  • And why do ugly men always have the most beautiful women on their side?

In fact it is not so difficult to answer the above listed questions (even the last one!). To notice and to be noticed is the magic trick that ensures that the right emotions will be triggered in the right moment. Exactly these emotions are the final key to a memory that won’t be forgotten over a long period of time.

Our daily life , each and every relationship between people does follow the classic stage rules !

During our workshop we will

  • remember names,
  • define and analyse characters ,
  • do presentions as remarkable as possible,
  • practise to stay spontaneous and in control in stressful situations ,
  • learn why our brain does remember some situations easier than others and we will be grateful for a lot of mistakes that we will be going to make

and all that we will practise togehter with some remarkable moments in magic!