Paul Sommersguter

After having finished his studies of law Paul Sommersguter made the decision to work in an honest job which finally brought him into Magic. Since then he is in love with making the impossible possible. He amazes his audience, makes them laugh and sometimes people are even becoming desperate with him watching the Magic that he performs.

In 2010 and 2014 Paul won the Austrian Championships of Magic, also the Austrian Grand Prix of Magic (2010) and in 2011 he finished 2nd in the European Championships of Magic in Blackpool (GB).

Since 2014 Paul Sommersguter holds a seminar about his experience in performing, presenting and showman ship.

Paul Sommersguter is Magician, magical Master of Ceremony and Entertainer and is performing his shows regularly in theatres in Vienna and Graz and is a proud member of “Magischer Zirkel Graz” & “Magic Cercle Vienna”.